The World Health Organization has assessed COVID-19 as a global pandemic. Everyone has a role to play in reducing the impact of COVID-19. Real estate trades typically involve a significant amount of personal contact, particularly during showings, open houses, and in-person client communications. However, in the current environment, public health authorities are strongly encouraging social distancing with PPE. This is advice that should be taken seriously by every professional that works with the public.



In support of social distancing I am happy to connect with you in the comfort of your own home via Zoom Video Conferencing! I can do the Buyer Consult via Zoom, sort out how to go about  financing with you and start the property search.  For my sellers, I will need to meet in person to preview the home to have an accurate pricing/marketing strategy.  All protocols for showings will be explained in great detail with the Seller prior to going to market.  I am committed to each client feeling safe and comfortable during this process.


The good news: it can be done! But of course, much like everything else these days, the process has changed.

Shops, restaurants and offices everywhere are adapting their services, processes and physical spaces to help keep people safe. In short? We’re all looking to provide customer experiences that avoid the 4 C’s:

  • Crowded spaces
  • Close contact
  • Confined spaces
  • Coronavirus transfer
Here is what to expect during showings
  • REALTORS:  You are able to see the home in person however there are now a few mandates that must be followed to keep all parties safe                   
  • Are you safe and healthy? It’s critical that you don’t expose your REALTOR or the Sellers if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have had recent contact with anyone with a confirmed or probable case of coronavirus. Your agent will ask you a series of questions prior to the search and he/she will be required to fill out a health declaration form for themselves and you prior to visiting each home.
  • Transportation:  We are required to use separate vehicles when conducting our in person visits.  Those who do not have a means of transportation will likely work something out with their agent.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Face masks are required at each showing and some Sellers will require you wear gloves as well. Your agent will be following those safety protocols too. It is important to  use hand sanitizer before entering and leaving each home.
  • Showing Restrictions: In most cases, the Sellers will not be present at the showing, the home should be empty.  Extra people such as extended family, kids and friends are no longer permitted to come along and view the property with you.  Only the direct decision makers should be at the home viewing (maximum of 2).  There will be no use of the washroom during our visits so make sure you have gone before leaving the house:) 
  • Don’t Touch! You’ll be asked to reduce the number of surfaces you touch in the home, and your agent will be disinfecting door handles, etc. Everyone’s goal is to provide a safe showing experience.
  • Condos: Most condos have strict restrictions on viewing the amenities and not all may be open ie)  swimming pool/gym).  Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to find photos of everything online.
  • **If your comfort level is still not there, I am happy to preview the home for my buyers or search for the home with you virtually via facetime.
As a buyer, seller, tenant or investor I am able to offer virtual offer presentations along with electronic signature software. I am 100% paperless and have been proud to offer these services to my clients for years. All negotiations can be done by telephone. 


 Although Open Houses are now permitted, not everyone is comfortable with them. My focus still remains on keeping my clients safe from transmission of the virus.  Open houses will be done on a case by case basis.  Most of the focus will involve in-person viewings of the property and direct interaction with salespeople and other prospective buyers. 


The reality is no one has a crystal ball. We can certainly look at the impact of SARS and H1N1 where the real estate market wasn't dramatically affected. We can also look at the 2008 brief market crash and subsequent rebound to make an educated guess (and that's all it can be) as to where the next few months will take the market. These are all different situations and it's too early to know how COVID-19 will affect the Toronto real estate market. The turmoil in the stock market and the low cost of borrowing money may actually make real estate a safer place for Canadians to park their money over the coming months. If you have specific questions about your buying or selling timelines and how this may affect them please feel free to use me as a resource.


Continue to check in with your family, friends and neighbours.  This pandemic caused major isolation for everyone and not all are coping well with it.  Sometimes the smallest gesture goes a long way.  I realize there are many social community groups offering various types of services for those in need however if you know someone who does not have support and is in need... please let me know. I am here to help.
These are just a few of the ways I am working to keep my clients and team safe. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out.